Wednesday, January 24, 2007

*sigh* I tried so hard not to be scary.

Man, the undergrad I was so excited about? She quit after two days. *sigh*

I tried so hard not to be intimidating, too! Normally I am kinda intimidating because I take my research very seriously, and if someone isnt pulling their weight, I take it personally. But I know what its like to be an undergraduate in a scary real-world lab for the first time. I know how hard it is to be a female in a male dominated field (she was a chem major) and I was really hoping to mentor her into a badass researcher like me.

*sigh* She is only a sophomore, and jumping into a lab at that age requires a lot of balls. Not everybody has them, I guess. *sigh* Well, we might be getting a summer undergraduate student. Those are kinda better anyway, as theyre usually juniors (WHOO! Know how to use pipettes!), and theyre in the lab all day (so they can do more fun experiments).

Ugh I had all these solutions for her to make on Friday, too. Arg...

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