Saturday, January 20, 2007

Readers Decide! Whos the biggest asshole in this Denier article?

I cant decide who is the biggest asshole in this scenario. Ill just list all the characters and let you all decide.

Wangari Maathai - Nobel Peace Prize winner

WHAT, ERV? Why would you call a Peace Prize winner an asshole? Well, cause she spouts shit like this:

"Depopulation has been a pivotal agenda of the neo-conservative American Eugenics Movement, in order to 'free-up' resources for rich elites, and away from 'inferior groups'"

“Us black people are dying more than any other people in this planet [from AIDS]"

“Why has there been so much secrecy about AIDS? When you ask where did the virus come from, it raises a lot of flags. That makes me suspicious.”

Oh man! So HIV was invented by American Neo-Conservatives to kill black people!
Well, Ms Maathai, if you want to know where HIV comes from, try a little Google search. Hell, Ill cut out all the work for you and link you to the site, Ms Maathai!

But shes not an asshole just for saying stupid shit about science. Lots of people do that. Shes an asshole because she is an African woman that many MANY Africans, adults and children look up to! Does she have any idea how much damage she is doing?? To the stigma of HIV patients, to the treatment efforts of foreign workers (Tripoli Six, anyone?), and the research efforts of foreign workers as well. Yeah, your BLACK, Ms Maathai, and the people trying to help you are BLACK. And YELLOW. And WHITE. And RICH. And POOR. And YOUNG. And OLD. And you just told them ALL to FUCK OFF. Ms Maathai, you are an asshole.

Executive Intelligence Review - Looks like just a weird 'publication' like the 'Canadian National Newspaper'.
Hacks quoting hacks, how nice. I suppose they should be dismissed from being in the running for biggest asshole. But theyre still assholes. Yeah, there are low cost techniques to significantly reduce the spread of HIV. BUT THE HOSPITALS IN THE THIRD WORLD DONT DO IT. Tripoli Six-- Totally innocent, children were infected with unsterilized needles. My Irritating the CDC post.

Cheap ways to prevent HIV transmission are well known and taught. Why dont you all stop pretending like youve uncovered these AWESOME ideas and sit there and watch the hospitals sterilize their needles so it gets done? Thanks in advance.

Dr. Boyd E. Graves - A lawyer. A LAWYER.

Yes, the fine 'Doctor" is a LAWYER. A LAWYER who doesnt mind using the handle DOCTOR so retarded journalists think they have some sort of scientific training. Thats fantastic! Even the Creationist lawyers arent that brazen! His biography touts "THE MAN WHO SOLVED AIDS" (caps original).
Hey, Graves, you might not know this, not being a molecular biologist, or having taken a biology class since high school, but WE CANT MAKE VIRUSES. We dont have the technology to do that, sorry. How the hell would you even go about doing that without being able to sequence anything? We didnt know how to sequence DNA when HIV first emerged, much less to RT PCR! Youre an asshole, Lawyer Graves.

William Campbell Douglass, M.D. - A real doctor.
Oops! Hes still an asshole!
“The truth of the matter is”, Dr. Douglass further elaborates, “AIDS is a man-made disease; AIDS is not a homosexual disease; AIDS is not a venereal disease; AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes; Condoms will not prevent AIDS; And there are a least six different AIDS-related viruses loose in the world.”

Well, Dr. Douglass, you are an IDIOT. 'AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes'? Really? AIDS? You dont mean HIV, you mean AIDS? A mosquito can carry a syndrome? Dumbass. Lets pretend you meant HIV. Is that why all the HIV aid workers have come back with malaria, but not HIV?
And you arent faring much better than the Dr. Lawyer. How ya gonna make a virus, Dr.? How ya gonna do it if you cant sequence? How ya gonna make a retrovirus? Idiot.
And condoms dont prevent AIDS? Right, condoms prevent HIV infection, which prevents AIDS. Ugh, lets pretend you meant condoms dont prevent HIV infection. Really? Cause I only wear a pair of latex gloves when I work with virus. I dont have AIDS. Im not infected with HIV. Oh, but by all means, asshole-- spread that rumor so people dont wear condoms.

Unknown person - Possibly journalist, bad referencing
"It is very strange. Because Gallo, Montagnier and those other virologists know that the AIDS/HIV virus doesn’t occur naturally in monkeys. In fact it doesn’t occur naturally in any animal."

No, HIV doesnt occur in 'monkeys'. Its HUMAN immunodeficiency virus, tard. 'Monkeys' get SIV. Cats get FIV. Cows get BIV. This source doesnt compare to the other assholes, I just had to correct that idiotc remark.

Toni Lawson - Irresponsible journalist who wrote the article.
Now, I would be willing to forgive a journalist for this sort of thing. Sure, its irresponsible. Sure, its pretentious. But I dont expect every journalist on this planet to know enough science to know better than to publish shit like this.
Heres the problem. I left a comment, as you are encouraged to do. It was along the lines of "Wangari Maathai has no education on virology to speak of, this article is a slap in the face to people all over the world who have dedicated their lives to curing HIV infection, and that the author should be more responsible in the future."
Turns out that comments are moderated. So, time went by, I kept checking the page, and wouldnt ya know, my comment never showed up! Well, maybe they have some intern approve the comments, but he really just sits there and plays World of Warcraft. But funny enough, a comment from Edward Haslam, a professional Denier, in full support of the article!
Well then, Toni, youre officially in the running for biggest asshole! On the bright side, I only found this article because I have 'HIV' in my Google News, so this idiotic piece will disappear in time with the 'crop circle' and 'alien' articles. Have fun being a nobody, asshole.

So Im tired. Thats all Im going to write-- so I leave it up to the two people who read my blog: Vote for the biggest asshole.


Gerald said...

If you want my vote I would have to chose Wangari Maathai - Nobel Peace Prize winner. Someone like that should know better. But there is, for some reason, alot of backlash against medical science. I honestly think that many people would rather believe in hocus pocus than real cures. Sometimes I worry about how easy it is to spread nonsense around with all the communication technology we have today. But at least we can use the same technology to help combat it.

ERV said...

LOL! My one reader has spoken! Maathai it is!

Anonymous said...


Hmmmm...It just so happens that I own stock in a company called Targeted Genetics. You'll never guess what they manufacture. Why, they manufacture viruses!

Don't get me wrong. I don't think that "HIV" was manufactured -- not by a long shot. Why take the risk of manufacturing a real virus, when you can simply manufacture a hoax, tell a bunch of blacks, gays, and Africans that the virus is targeting them, scare them into taking toxic drugs, and then when they die of liver failure (which is the #1 killer of "AIDS" patients for the last 8 years running), you simply blame your phony virus.

Hitler should have thought of this -- if he had, he wouldn't be considered a monster -- instead, he'd be sharing the Nobel Prize with David Baltimore.

--- Gos

ERV said...

Targeted Genetics, according to their website, does not make viruses. They modify adenoviruses. They dont start with a pool of As, Us, Cs, and Gs and make a virus. They also dont make viruses with previously unknown genes (eg RT). They also didnt open for business +60 years ago.

Youre also incredibly dense for bringing up Zombie Hitler for a Jewish scientist on a Jewish girls blog. Yes, Gos, its all just like Hitler. *rolleyes*

You wanted to talk about 'science' so bad, why arent you talking about 'science'?