Saturday, January 20, 2007

How to wake a hibernating bear: Lesson 1, Dont wake a hibernating bear

This blog has been slumbering for a while. The end of October and all of November, I was freaking out over applying to graduate school.

December, I accedentally adopted an American Staffordshire puppy. We had this huge ice storm the beginning of the month, and we got two days off of work. Work is ALL I DO, so I was bored out of my skull. Luckily, the gym was open, so I trekked on over. Outside, I was greeted by this adorable little puppy! Now, sometimes people take their dogs to the gym, tie them to the bike rack while they work out, and run with them home, so I told the gym workers "Hey! Someones puppy got off of his leash!" They were like "Nooo.... that puppy has been out there for days..." Like I said, this was during a snow storm big enough to shut down the University... it was terrible outside. The gym workers were going to call a shelter for him, they couldnt let him stay out in that weather any longer. The problem is, this puppy was an AmStaff. AmStaff=Pit Bull to shelters, and pit bulls arent adopted out. No matter how sweet they are, theyre killed.

So I bawled through my entire workout, walked downstairs, and ask if anyone has a rope so I can walk him home.

And, all January Ive been working my ass off at work, because this special facility I have to use to do all my viral work was finally open the first of January, after being closed for two months to fix a friggen vent. UGH!

All these stories end well:
1--"I am happy to report that the admissions committee for Microbiology and Immunology has accepted you into our graduate program."


3-- Work is going at light speed now-- we might have a new cohort for studying differences in HIV transmission, a vital experiment for our cancer project turned out better than we could have imagined (we might really be on to something), and we got an undergrad to help me out around the lab with little things (doing dishes, making solutions, passing cells-- little things that take up 1/3 of my week).


So, what had the ability to rouse this blog from its slumber? The election results? No! The crappiest season of 'Americas Next Top Model' ever? No! To quote Penn and Teller: This asshole. And this asshole. Posts coming up.

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