Thursday, January 25, 2007

Creationists with Credentials

Would someone PLEASE teach Creationists how to use credentials properly.

Right: "You need computer help? Let me look at it, Im a computer science major!"

Wrong: "You need computer help? Let me look at it, Im a third degree WTF black belt and I breed golden retrievers!"

Real World Example from ID Creationists: "Im an MD and I graduated number one in my class and I scored in the 99th percentile on the boards, and I doubt evolution."

"WAAAAAAIT ERV!!" you might say. "That might not be wrong! Maybe he really does have valid scientific reasons for doubting evolution! Listen to what the man says!"

Okay, fine. What does Mr. 99 have to say for himself?

Perhaps you can explain, in molecular biological terms, listing the stepwise sequence of DNA changes (simplified, of course, so my poor moronic brain can grasp it), which occurred to bring about the development of a hand, finger, or knee from, say, the paw or limb of a lemur-like precursor (or whatever form you wish to posit as mammalian (making it easy on you; no need to go back to jellyfish or something which didn't even have limbs) ancestor to humans.

*shudder* Im sorry, why was there an obnoxious list of accomplishments before his little letter? They obviously mean nothing because Mr. 99 knows jack shit about basic biology. Basic biology. If you look on page 650 of 'Principles of Genetics' Edition 3, my introductory genetics textbook, you can figure out the answer to that devastating question, Mr. 99.
If a used textbook is too expensive for Mr. 99, as others pointed out in the thread at Respectful Insolence, you can even look up papers in PubMed. *blink* How can you be an MD and not know how to use PubMed? I mean, its no Google, but shit, dude!

UD specifically states
His example empirically disproves the false claims of Dawkins, Harris, KCFS, NCSE, and others who insinuate that exposure to criticism of the Darwinian orthodoxy will deteriorate scientific understanding.

No! No, UD, its a wonderful example of how Creationism turns you into a complete retard! You can have ALLLLL of Mr. 99s accomplishments, and you can still be mocked by someone half your age with half your education. And hes a role model for Creationist Kids? Hes not even being mocked for his beliefs (so he cant play persecuted martyr), he is being mocked for flaunting his credentials, then falling flat on his face.

Thats your role model, ID Kids. Thats your role model. You sure you wanna be an ID Kid?

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