Sunday, January 21, 2007

Creationists behaving nicely

In contrast to my usual encounters with Creationists, William Bradford over at Intelligently Sequenced is being really nice about a post he did on ERVs thats just, well, really really wrong. I left a comment on this article, and though comments are moderated, he is being polite and letting my posts be published. Unfortunately, after reading that article several more times, in addition to the UD post he linked to, I keep finding more and more little mistakes. Technically, the UD post is terrible, hijacking basically all viral research and pretending it supports ID in an attempt to 'discredit' Talk Origins.
Im tempted to do a smack-down. Ive been in a smack-down mood.

But William Bradford has been nice, and Dr. Cook was most definitely not, so Dr. Cook gets to go first.

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