Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Atheists Anthem

For me, great bands are like gods: All the good ones were popular 5000 years before I was born. The gods I love-- Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix... theyre all long gone. Two of these bands are kings of Mount Olympus for me: Pink Floyd, and David Bowie. No one can compare to their song writing skills. No one can compare to their musical skills. End of story. But for the most part, theyre gone. They belonged to a different time... But at least Ive got their CDs and concert bootlegs. *sigh* I figured that no mortals would have the ability to tame Pegasus to join the pantheon, much less join the monarchy.

Boy, have I been pleasantly surprised by Muse. Proudly, openly atheists, but can still use religious themes to write kickass albums. Political songs that are vicious, without being preachy. And get this guys-- Totally into sci-fi and aliens and stuff.

If youre atheist, politically motivated, and dont think talking about aliens is odd, give em a listen. Support your local atheists :)

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