Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Guess its Official: God Hates Fundies

I am a lucky, lucky little bitch. I grew up under very anti-girl-growing-up-to-be-a-scientist conditions, yet because I had wonderfully supportive family, friends, teachers, etc, I have grown up to be just that. Im healthy, have a well paying job, bright future... and Im an atheist. I love to tease the anti-female Islamic posters on a message board I frequent that their god has a boner for me. Seriously- If their god exists, it obviously doesnt give a crap that I dont believe in it. It doesnt care that I dont pray to it every night. It doesnt care that I do a LOT of stuff that its holy book forbids. It looks like he LIKES the fact Im playing hard-to-get-atheist.

Their response is normally along the lines of "Sure you think your life is great now, but OOOOOOOOOONE DAAAAAAAAAY your going to be begging our god for help." Awwwwww I love those loving gods! The ones that arent happy unless your groveling at their feet. But theres just one problem. It doesnt seem the True Believers are any better at holding back their gods wrath than I have been:
Kent Hovind is going to jail for a really long time.
Ann Coulter is being charged with felony voter fraud.
Ted Haggard is just a meth snorting hypocritical fag. (and I hope he shoots himself in the head)

Yup. Im sure gonna run to some god begging for something. He sure watches out for his own!


Gerald said...

It never ceases to amaze me that the ones who crow the loudest about morales tend to be the least moral people.

theistard said...

I hope that fuck fag meth crap bitch tard kills himself. How profane. Guess >you're< a bit upset. Looks like our (oxymoronic?) well paid research assistant needs a nap.

ERV said...

Gerald-- It just example #239857345 of how 'morals' have nothing to do with religion. Religious people are no more 'moral' than atheists. If anything, religion gives a 'cover' for immoral people.

theistard-- Yup! I dont really care how he does it. He can shoot himself in the head. He can slit his wrists and/or throat. He can swallow a few bottles of aspirin and vodka. Hmmm... He can hang himself... Hmm... Im not the best at this, having never been suicidal.

Hey! Maybe we can start a phone line-- mothers who have found their gay children dead can call in and give Haggard suggestions! Kids whos friends have been thrown out of their homes for being gay can relate their suicide of choice! Gay kids who couldnt stand one more day of bullying. Gay kids who had no way to survive without parental support-- their suicides could give Haggard lots of ideas!

Ooooh! Or for another twist of irony, one of Haggards kids could kill him! Can show the whole world what excellent Christ-Zombies they are! Drug him, beat him up, strip him down, and tie him to a fence-post in the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter!

As long as Haggard is the victim of the hate he created, the hate he nurtured, the hate he spread-- I really dont care what happens to him.