Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I suppose ‘Manbearpig’ should have been a clue.

South Park’ is starting their tenth season this fall. There have been a few stinkers over the years (Jackovasaurus, Crab People, Cancelled), but it has mainly been a fun show that Ive enjoyed since The Spirit of Christmas. That’s why I was disappointed to read this:

But Parker says atheism is more ludicrous to him than anything else.

"Out of all the ridiculous religion stories — which are greatly, wonderfully ridiculous — the silliest one I've ever heard is, 'Yeah, there's this big, giant universe and it's expanding and it's all going to collapse on itself and we're all just here, just 'cuz. Just 'cuz. That to me, is the most ridiculous explanation ever," he says. "So I think we have a big atheism show coming."

Great. South Park’ is taking the Poo-Choo-Train straight to Shitsville. A ‘big atheism show’? 22.5 minutes of ‘I don’t believe in a god. Do you believe in a god?’ ‘No. You wanna go get nachos?’

Look, Im all for making fun of atheists. I think I could write an awesome episode making fun of atheists—like the Jews did a better job making fun of the Holocaust than the Muslims. But considering SPs unempathetic attitude towards the Problem of Evil in Red Hot Catholic Love, and the stupid comment quoted above, Im not hopeful that this episode will be an accurate portrayal of atheism in America.

I also think its funny that Parker thinks scientific explanations of the universe are ‘the silliest’ things hes ever heard. Heres the deal, Parker—the leaders of the scientific community, the members of the National Academy of Science, are nearly exclusively atheists/agnostics/nontheists. Though Im still very young, Ive never worked with a True-Believer. Everyone is atheist/agnostic/apathetic/secular Jewish/etc. Why? Because reality is soooooo much cooler than any of those ‘wonderfully ridiculous’ myths people like. ‘Wonderfully ridiculous’ explanations of the universe cease to be 'wonderful' when you understand physics, chemistry, and biology. How can you compare this to ‘yeah, theres this big, giant universe and its expanding blah blah.’ Ugh. Ill say it again—Poo-Choo Train.


Gerald said...

One thing I like about South Park is that they pick on everybody. But if they do a show on atheism hopefully it will be in good taste. What I mean is no stupid theists arguements like "The Big Bang needs a Big Banger" or even worse idiotic creationist arguments "Evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics." We'll just have to wait and see. Also, do you have any idea when the show will air?

ERV said...

Im hopeful too, but I wont be surprised if it is idiotic. Just really disappointed.

I have no idea when, or even if it will air. All the details they gave were in that interview.

*sigh* And all my favorite episodes are the ones where the boys are just being boys. I wish they would get back to that.

Gerald said...

Yeah, I'm afraid it will just be the usual anti-atheist crap. A bunch of immoral, stupid, miserable atheists will come to town and try to force everyone to be just as awful as them. South Park is a great show, but it does seem like the creators are like a lot of people. If something goes against their personal beliefs, it is wrong, and not their beliefs, no matter what the evidence says.