Saturday, September 23, 2006

All the cool kids have blogs.

Thats it. After being a long time fan of ScienceBlogs, I want to join the cool-kids-club too.

Im going to (attempt) to keep the personal stuff to a minimum, and focus on science. While there are lots of great microbiologists around (Aetiology is great, Respectful Insolence gets into immunizations and such a bit), Ive yet to find a virology blog, so I want to fill that gap. Taking papersIm reading and transferring them into blog posts will hopefully help me understand the material better myself.

Of course, seeing as I live in Oklahoma, and seeing as my research relies on the validity of evolution, Im probably going to jump into that fray as well (even though everybody at ScienceBlogs is probably better qualified to address that issue).

Thanks for humoring me as I awkwardly start. I shouldnt be that bad. I did go to a liberal arts university :P

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